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Physics of Laser Crystals

Physics of laser crystals has been consistently constructing because the invention of the laser in 1960. these days, greater than 1500 wide-band-gap and semiconductors crystals are compatible for the creation of the laser impact. diversified laser units are known in technology, drugs and conversation structures in keeping with the development accomplished within the improvement of laser crystal physics.

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The corresponding vehicle identity appears in the upper pane. Make the desired changes and click CHANGE. To remove a vehicle from the list, click it in the list box and click DELETE. To save and activate the current list of vehicle labels, click APPLY. To revert to the former list, click RESET instead of APPLY. • Hints and tips (1) Whenever you need to know the label of a particular vehicle, do one of the following : - Double-click the vehicle number on the map. This opens an information box with the vehicle label appearing in its title bar, containing the latest coordinates received, the time of the latest coordinates and the number of the latest waypoint received if any, or - Select Vehicle > Log from the Setup menu.

You will save disk space if you use the DELETE button periodically to delete unnecessary trackline files. e. a single vehicle) you will not be requested to confirm your choice when you click DELETE. The Copy to Floppy Disk button allows you to copy the file currently selected to a floppy disk. 0311355 Issue : January 2002 5-11 Operating instructions • Floppy Disk This option allows you to select recorded positions from a floppy disk. The Copy to Internal Disk button is used to copy the file currently selected from the floppy disk to the hard disk.

A slot implies a particular radio link : one transmitting TDGx and one (or more) receiving TDGx. All the slots have the same characteristics in duration and data structure except the sync slot which differs from all others by its data structure (not by its duration). • The format Time interval representing n successive slots (numbered from 0 to n-1). A slot may be « even » or « odd » depending on its identification number. The format length is defined as the number of slots in the format. • The frame Time interval representing 300 successive formats (numbered from 1 to 300).

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