By Morgan Rhodes

The lives of Toronto youth Crystal and Becca Hatcher revolve round supporting their mom out on the family’s used bookstall, The Speckled Muse. It’s a comparatively uneventful after-school activity, until eventually an package deal arrives addressed to her mom, Julia. considering it’s not anything greater than run-of-the-mill stock, Becca opens it and eliminates the publication within, unwittingly triggering an old magic and intertwining their fates with the powers that stream from the mysterious leather-bound e-book. parallel worlds collide and Becca is left in a catatonic kingdom after her spirit is snatched from modern day Toronto again to the traditional international of Mytica. Crys is guilt-ridden, having witnessed the full occasion, and vows to do no matter what is critical to avoid wasting her… yet from what? not anything has ready them for what’s in store.

Written in alternating views that shift among modern day Toronto and the traditional kingdoms of Mytica, Rhodes can provide a wealthy and suspensful sequence opener that would depart readers breathless.

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The "highway" is, in principle and in essence, the interferential nucleus of the cross. The depositing of the sacrifice on this geometric crossroads for its ensuing consignment to the astral-causal accords necessarily with all the scientific significance of the cross. Since the cross and the square of the cross are formed respectively by two and by four separate squares, the Square (which is the Grand Master of the astral-causal) symbolizes the passive material of the sacrifice which has been rectified, organized, actuated, activated, and balanced by the person who places it at the crossroads of Legba, who is, accordingly, the master of the astral-causal.

Ritual Flags The magnificent ritual flags are made right in the oum'phor. They are fashioned of colored cloth corresponding to the chromatic temperaments of the mystères under whose influence they are made, and all their beauty lies in the designs which artists, themselves initiates, first create, then embellish with multicolored pailettes. A flag consecrated, for example, to Ogou Fer would be adorned with a pailette design in the colors of the mystère representing Saint James on his white horse battling the infidels.

Functionally, they are all under the houn'gan's control who, in point of hierarchy, is their chief. The houn'gan, then, controls a force which, on the human-principal level of Legba, synthetizes all the powers of the loas. Therefore he is the one who, in the course of Voodoo ceremonies, is chiefly responsible lor moving from the potentiality to the magical act. The Roles of the Gods For the purpose of clarifying the roles of all the mystères, it will suffice to present several traditional interpretations of the important fundamental loas of the Voodoo Cult.

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