By Barry Jonsberg.

A unfastened journey to the Northern Territory! Sounds strong, thinks Marcus—"Mucus" to his sister Rose. but if his ally Dylan joins the relatives vacation, mayhem isn't a ways away. Blacky the farting puppy, again in his moment adventure, has a venture that Marcus and Dylan cannot refuse. hassle is, this venture comprises a big saltwater crocodile who could a lot relatively chomp on a human for dinner than have a civilized dialog. in fact, there is additionally the small subject of a big big-game hunter on a collision path with our heroes. and should Marcus be any fit for his suggest older sister Rose and her lightsaber-wielding ally Cy Ob Han? Blacky the grasp of conceal is again, choked with angle and pungent as ever.

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Ich hab die Unschuld kotzen sehen

Guten Tag, die Welt liegt in Trümmern. Ich sammle sie auf. Errichte daraus neue Gebäude. Konstruiere neue Städte. Kann guy wohnen drin. Oder weiträumig umfahren. So begrüßt einen dieses Stück Literatur, bevor es einen hinabreißt in die Abgründe einer Welt, die in uns etwas zum Klingen bringt. Sie ist uns sehr vertraut, es ist unsere Welt!

Flucht übers Watt. Ein Nordsee-Krimi

Kunststudent Harry Oldenburg will endlich etwas gegen die Ebbe in seiner Kasse unternehmen. Kurzerhand klaut er vier Gemälde von Emil Nolde aus dem Museum in Seebüll und flüchtet mit der Beute nach Amrum. In der Inselidylle sieht er sich von neugierigen Einheimischen und lästigen Touristen bedrängt. Um sie loszuwerden, muss Harry kreativ werden.

Il linguaggio segreto dei fiori

Victoria ha paura del contatto fisico, delle parole, di amare e lasciarsi amare. Solo attraverso il linguaggio dei fiori Victoria comunica le sue emozioni più profonde. Non ha avuto una vita facile. Ha passato l'infanzia saltando da una famiglia adottiva a un'altra. Fino all'incontro con Elizabeth, l'unica vera madre che abbia mai avuto, che le ha insegnato il linguaggio segreto dei fiori.

Meconomy: Wir in Zukunft leben und arbeiten werden - und warum wir uns jetzt neu erfinden müssen

Willkommen in der Meconomy: Wir machen unsere Hobbys zum Beruf und verlegen unseren Lebensmittelpunkt dorthin, wo wir am glücklichsten und produktivsten sind. Wir müssen uns als Marke positionieren, ständig dazulernen und Dinge, die wir nicht gern tun, an Dienstleister in fernen Ländern auslagern. Wir machen uns leichteren Herzens selbstständig, aber vor allem werden wir selbstständiger denken und fühlen.

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We buckled ourselves in and settled down for the flight. ‘This is so cool,’ said Dylan after ten minutes or so. He was peering through the thick plastic of the window. ’ ‘They are ants, Dyl,’ I replied. ’ I’ve said before that Dylan has no fear. The normal human instinct that makes the rest of us shy away from fire, for example, is simply missing in Dyl. He’s more likely to stick his hand into a fire to see if he can use his fingers as candles. But, as we taxied along the runway, I noticed that his knuckles were white.

I can’t hear myself think. Just keep quiet for a minute, Dyl, while I talk to Blacky. ’ I flopped down onto the other bed. Blacky curled up on the rug and gave his bum a quick sniff. He didn’t seem disappointed with what he found. I tried to empty my mind. Past experience told me this was the best way to conduct a conversation with the foul-smelling mutt. ‘It can’t be difficult to empty your mind, mush,’ came the voice in my head. ’ I ignored his insults. Experience had taught me. ‘First things first,’ I said.

To kiss our bums goodbye,’ I replied. Dyl just nodded. An uneventful hour later, we landed at a small airstrip. While everyone waited for their luggage, Dyl and I stepped outside to have our first proper look at the Territory. The first thing I noticed was the heat. It was like a thick wet blanket. A bead of sweat formed on the back of my neck, trickled and itched its way inside my T-shirt. The second thing I noticed was the sky. It was huge. Night was drawing in and the vast bowl above us was dusted with stars.

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