By Hampton Wildman Parker

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Mag. Nat. , (7), xm, p. 42, P1. n (Type locality Bidi, Sarawak) ; van Kampen, 1923, Amph. Indo-Austr. , p. 97 ; Nieden, 1926, Das Tierreich, Anura n, p. 90. fig. 50. Snout much depressed, not prominent, longer than the diameter of the eye ; canthus rostralis indistinct ; loreal region very oblique ; nostril nearer the tip of the snout than the eye ; interorbital space three times as broad as the upper eyelid ; tympanum hidden. Fingers short, obtusely pointed, the first shorter than the second, which is shorter than the fourth.

Sykora Sykora 4 . Plethodontohyla brevipes, Boulenger Plethodontohyla b~evipea,Boulenger, 1882, Cat. Batr. Sal. Brit. , ed. 2, p. 474 (Type locality East Betsileo) ; Mocquard, 1909, Nouv. Arch. , Paris, (5), 1 p. 72 ; Nieden, 1926, Das Tierreich, Anura 11, p. 91 ; Noble and Parker, 1926, Amer. Mus. Novitates, ccxxxn, p. 14. Head broader than long; snout rounded, not prominent, a little longer than the diameter of the eye ; canthus rostralis obtusely angular ; loreal region moderately oblique ; nostril equidistant from the eye and the end of the snout ; interorbital space considerably broader than the upper eyelid ; tympanum scarcely distinct, about 3 the diameter of the eye.

Head flat, broader than long ; snout obtusely pointed, somewhat longer than the eye ; canthus rostralis distinct ; nostril much nearer the tip of the snout than the eye ; (me interorbital space twice as broad as the upper eyelid; tympanum indistinct, about half the diameter of the eye. Fingers free, with triangular dilatations. Toes free, with smaller triangular discs ; subarticular tubercles of the feet indistinct ; metatarsal tubercle indistinct. Tibio-tarsal articulation reaching the middle of the eye.

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