By Stewart James

Mythical encyclopedia for magicians includes over a hundred and fifty methods: Loop the Loop, Jamison's Severed Rope, The Tarbell Rope secret, The Encore Rope Trick, Eddie Clever’s Triple lower regimen, Bachelor's Needle and lots of extra. step by step directions and over 500 illustrations allow you to grasp those impressive feats.

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Pull the left hand away, leaving only the top card in the right hand, and place the deck into your left front pants pocket as your body swings to the left. Bring out the marker from the same pocket. The card in the right hand should be held in a modified Erdnase Grip as if it was still the whole deck [Photo 8]. Say, “My theory is correct, this Post-it Note has full control over everything! ” Uncap the marker with only the left hand. ” Carry on, “No really, now we have to stop,” and stick the Post-it Note to the face of the selection, allowing ¾ of it to be hanging off the short edge of the card [Photo 9].

36 Fade change . Jack Parker It took a lot of arm twisting, teeth pulling, and Shirley Temples to convince my good friend, Jack Parker, to release this gem he’s been holding back. I still remember just how long it took me to stop drooling when Jack performed this Colour Change for me. I also remember just how long it took me to stop fuming when I realized it could only really be done by you left handed folk. If the earth’s poles were to suddenly shift and I were to instantly become left handed and bald, The Fade Change would be the first item on my to-do list, apart from Propecia.

Although instead of bringing the deck back to the left hand’s cards, reach forward and deposit the double on the outstretched deck. With the work all done, now it’s time to play this bad boy up! Ask Betty to place her finger on the top card and make sure she doesn’t take it off throughout the routine. Stick your tongue deep in your cheek and say “With your finger on this heart [the center pip], I want you to dig down deep inside your own heart, and on the count of three wish for anything in the entire world.

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