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3 Ann. Chim. y 1849, \\xu\ 28, 241. , 1889, 22, 23. 2 NITROGEN P E N T O X I D E 41 in calculated quantity and with constant cooling of the mixture. The syrupy liquid produced is poured into a dry retort, and distilled into a receiver surrounded by a freezing mixture. ) An oily distillate, orange-red in colour, is obtained, which separates into two layers on standing. The upper layer is separated, and cooled to 0° C , when colourless needle-shaped crystals are deposited. These crystals are drained, melted, recrystallized, and again drained from the mother liquor.

3. Nitrogen pentoxide may also be obtained by the action of ozone on nitrogen trioxide, or on nitrogen tetroxide either in the liquid or gaseous condition. 1 The ozone does not act catalytically in this method of preparation, only one-third of the ozone molecule having any oxidizing effect. 4. Oxidation of nitrogen to nitrogen pentoxide also takes place in the silent discharge, in the presence of ozone, which may be produced by the discharge, or also admixed separately with the nitrogen-oxygen mixture before submitting to the discharge.

HNO:$ can readily be obtained. 2 It was shown by Koerster and K o c h 3 t h a t nitric acid containing 08-4 per cent. , can be realized experimentally under these conditions, and is the maximum concentration obtainable in this way. When liquid nitrogen tetroxide is added to a small quantity of water a separation into two layers occurs. The upper layer consists of nitric acid containing dissolved nitrogen tetroxide, while t h e lower bluish-green layer consists mainly of nitrogen trioxide 2N 8 O« + H 2 O : ; : : ^ N 2 O 3 + 2 H N 0 , .

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