By Kugler, Sándor; Shimakawa, Koichi

Explains the way to use machine modelling to appreciate amorphous semiconductors for researchers in good country physics and semiconductor engineering.

summary: Explains easy methods to use desktop modelling to appreciate amorphous semiconductors for researchers in strong nation physics and semiconductor engineering

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A large number of bond angles can be found around 90° too. Source: K. Kohary 2004 [51]. Reproduced with permission of Taylor & Francis. for Si. 3 nm. The motion of a 1 eV hydrogen atom in the solid state can therefore only described by including quantum effects in the dynamics. Another difficulty is the interaction of H with bulk silicon. A relatively large (242 atoms) a‐Si:H model was constructed by Tuttle and Adams [64] using a Harris functional MD method. The hydrogen concentration was 11%. The model obtained contains microclusters of 2–4 H in addition to H passivating the surface of large cavities.

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