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They are the fractional derivative (FD) method, the Augmenting Thermodynamic Fields (ATF) method, the Anelastic Displacement Field (ADF), and the Golla-HughesMcTavish (GHM) method. The FD model is a good model only in the frequency domain. In the AFT, the ADF, and the GHM method, the additional internal dissipation coordinates were used to account for the frequency dependent complex modulus of viscoelastic materials. We adopted the GHM method in this research, which is most applicable to structural analysis.

The three displacements considered are the longitudinal displacements, u1 and u3 in the face layers 1 and 3, and the transverse displacement w for the whole sandwich beam. Mead [45] summarized the assumptions used in the modeling of beam with PCLD treatment. We modified it and included the longitudinal effects in the face layers. The assumptions are: 41 1. the viscoelastic core carries shear only and has a frequency dependent complex shear modulus; 2. the face layers are elastic and isotropic and suffer no transverse shear deformation; 3.

Experiments were conducted to show the response of the sandwich plate with or without controller. Veeramani [60] followed Cupial and Niziol’s work and developed the models for the sandwich plates with surface bonded piezo-ceramic actuators. The face layers in the sandwich plate are assumed to be anisotropic material and the viscoelastic core is assumed to have frequency dependent complex shear modulus. Experiments were conducted to test three sandwich plates with the isotropic face plates. The assumed modes method was used to analyze the sandwich plate system using beam and rod modes.

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