By Ida Greene

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Working out your anger shapes you up! Alternatives To Angrily Acting Out Rethink, To Change Your Expression of Anger, You Must Change 31 Your Thinking Change what you say to yourself in your head, in response to the external event. 1. Take time to rethink about what has provoked you. 2. Use a planned relaxation technique 3. Stay calm and keep your cool 4. Ask yourself if you are overreacting, taking thing too seriously, or justifying your right to be angry. PURPOSE This Anger Work-out will familiarize you with: Three essential emotional components of anger, they are your: 1.

Day three: 4. Day four: 5. Day five: 39 6. Day six: 7. Day seven: Often when we are angry, one or more of these things are present: 1. We want something and are not getting it. 2. From past experience, we expect trouble. 3. We have feelings of powerlessness. 4. We feel sadness 5. Feelings of grief, that takes away our joy and feelings being alive. 6. Depression. 7. Feelings of negativity about life, self, and people. Always assume responsibility for what you are feeling, and own all your feelings, including anger.

2. Learn to organize your immediate environment. 3. Put things back as you find them to help create order and stability for yourself. 4. Seek to be the same all the time. 5. " Put all your daily activities into A, B, C, D, give A, activities highest priority, etc. 6. Never settle for less than the best effort, best preparation, best outcome, preceded by your best follow through. 7. Be your own coach. 8. Push yourself to be your best, and tell yourself you can. 37 9. Others may provoke you to anger, but you do not have to respond angrily.

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