By Rosin, Hanna; Moran, Caitlin; Paglia, Camille; Dowd, Maureen; Griffiths, Rudyard

For the 1st time in historical past, will it's larger to be a girl than a guy within the upcoming century? The 12th semi-annual Munk Debate pits popular writer and editorHanna Rosin and Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist Maureen Dowd opposed to New York Times–bestselling writer Caitlin Moran and educational trailblazer Camille Paglia to discuss one of many largest socio-economic phenomena of our time — the relative decline of the ability and standing of guys within the office, within the relatives, and society at huge. males have regularly been the dominant intercourse. yet now, for the 1st time, a number of signs means that girls not just are reaching equality with males, yet are quick rising because the extra profitable intercourse of the species. no matter if in schooling, employment, own future health, or baby rearing, statistics aspect to an increase within the prestige and tool of girls at domestic, within the place of work, and in conventional male bastions reminiscent of politics. yet are males, and the age-old energy buildings linked to “maleness,” completely in decline? With ladies more and more demonstrating their skill to “have all of it” whereas males lag at the back of, the Munk Debate on gender tackles the fundamental socio-economic query: Are males obsolete?

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The shops sell lumberjack shirts, flasks, and Playboys. CAITLIN MORAN: Thank you for telling us about these stores because Christmas is coming up and I do need to buy gifts. Where are these places located exactly? HANNA ROSIN: Playboys from 1962, yours for the asking. RUDYARD GRIFFITHS: Perfect segue. Let’s go to our first video commentator clip. Let’s internationalize this debate a bit. We’ve been talking about North America, but there’s an entire world out there. We caught up with Naomi Wolf, third-wave feminist and author of the bestselling book The Beauty Myth, among others.

The job of combatting Maureen Dowd’s wooing of the audience through humour and style fell to Caitlin Moran. No slouch herself when it comes to pithy one-liners, Caitlin contended that men would never be obsolete because women would not let them slouch off into the dustbin of history. She believes men and women are moving forward to create gender identities that are not only more fluid, but also more co-operative than in the past. Women can and will have equality with men, and both sexes will benefit from a rebalancing of the power relationship as the stereotypes about what is “male” and what is “female” behaviour fall by the wayside, creating more individual choice for everyone: “Do women gain anything from men becoming obsolete?

Do you think the very structure of modern professional life is often antithetical to a lot of the things that women want to do and how they want to live? HANNA ROSIN: We’re actually the worst: we don’t have any maternity leave that is paid at all, and we’re maybe one of three countries that doesn’t, which is actually very pathetic. The American workplace doesn’t recognize the person as a whole human being who might have other needs. But if I had my druthers, I wouldn’t choose the Swedish system, which allows mothers to have a year of maternity leave, because that puts all sorts of pressures on women to behave in a certain way.

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