By Lynn Abbey

Urza Triumphant.The battle among Urza and Mishra is over. Brooding at the demise of his brother by the hands of extraplanar forces, Urza drifts one of the planes.But the top of the Brother's conflict has reworked him into whatever higher. Deep inside his middle, a spark has been kindled to a flame that can not be quenched.Urza has turn into a planeswalker.

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When whole, the acorn would have been as large as her fist, and the tree that had dropped it would have had a trunk as broad as the cottage was wide. She crumbed the acorn with the rest and stirred the coals until palpable heat radiated from the iron bucket. Xantcha forgot the table and hit her head hard as she stood. She sat a moment, rubbing her scalp and muttering curses, until she remembered the candlestick. With a louder curse, she scrabbled to her feet. Waste not, want not, it hadn't toppled.

When the dirt was motionless, she took the box into the alcove where Urza stored his raw materials. The shelves were neat. Every casket and flask was clearly labeled, albeit in a language Xantcha couldn't read. She didn't need to read labels. The flask she wanted had a unique lambent glow. It was pure phloton, distilled from fire, starlight and mana, a recipe Urza had found on the world were he'd found Xantcha. "Waste not, want not," Lynn Abbey Page 57 Artifacts Cycle Book II Magic the Gathering Planeswalker she whispered over the seething box.

He, Urza-gods and ghosts take note-had suggested that they should talk, and Mishra had agreed. As Urza recalled the conversation, Mishra had been reluctant, but that was Lynn Abbey Page 25 Artifacts Cycle Book II Magic the Gathering Planeswalker his brother's style, petulant and sulky whenever his confidence was shaken, as surely it would have been shaken with the Weakstone burden slung around his neck, and the Phyrexians eating at his conscience. Surely Mishra would have confessed everything, if the warlord hadn't taken it into his head to assassinate the qadir as the parley began.

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