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The Jewish War and The Victory (Jewish Lives)

A kid's story of survival and parental sacrifice.

Nachshon, Who Was Afraid to Swim: A Passover Story

For generations Nachshon s kinfolk has been enslaved via the Egyptian Pharaoh. Nachshon is afraid it is going to be his future too. Then Moses confronts the fearsome Pharaoh, and Nachshon s dream of freedom starts off to return precise. yet quickly he has to beat his personal designated worry. the tale of the courageous boy who was once the 1st to leap into the ocean will motivate old and young alike.

Josephus: Jewish Antiquities, Books V-VIII (Loeb Classical Library)

Josephus, soldier, statesman, historian, was once a Jew born at Jerusalem approximately 37 CE. a guy of excessive descent, he early turned discovered in Jewish legislations and Greek literature and was once a Pharisee. After pleading in Rome the reason for a few Jewish clergymen he back to Jerusalem and in sixty six attempted to avoid insurrection opposed to Rome, coping with for the Jews the affairs of Galilee.

Speaking of Jews: Rabbis, Intellectuals, and the Creation of an American Public Identity

Lila Corwin Berman asks why, over the process the 20th century, American Jews turned more and more involved, even obsessed, with explaining themselves to their non-Jewish friends. What she discovers is that language itself turned a vital software for Jewish staff survival and integration into American lifestyles.

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396-397. 49. See Baer, A History, 2, p. 143. Baer accepts the Christiantraditionregardingthe decisive influence of Thomas Aquinas on the conversion of Solomon Halevi, and argues that his belief in predestination broughthim to adopt the name Paul the Apostle. According to M. Glatzer,"BetweenJoshuaHalorkiand Solomon Halevi: Towardsan Examinationof the Causes of Conversionamong Jews in Spain in the Fourteenth Century,"(Hebrew) Pe'amim, 54 (1993), p. 115, the Kabbalahbroughthim closer to Christianity.

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