By G. Burkhardt, U. Esser, H. Hefele, Inge Heinrich (auth.), G. Burkhardt, U. Esser, H. Hefele, Inge Heinrich, W. Hofmann, D. Krahn, V. R. Matas, Dr. Lutz D. Schmadel, Prof. Dr. Roland Wielen, G. Zech (eds.)

Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts goals to offer a accomplished documentation of the literature relating all features of astronomy, astrophysics, and their border fields. it's dedicated to the recording, summarizing, and indexing of appropriate courses in the course of the global. Astronomy andAstrophysics Abstracts is ready via a distinct division of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut less than the auspices of the foreign Astronomical Union.
Volume 59/60 - the 5th Cumulative Index of Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts - contains writer, topic, and item indexes to volumes forty nine - fifty eight. hence, the astronomical and astrophysical literature of the five-year interval 1989 - 1993 is roofed through this volume.

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026 Axon, D. 1. 177 . 031 Ayala, S. 504 Ayani, K. 157 Ayani, K. 385 Aycock, J. 015 Aydin, C. 105 Aydogar, 0. 037 Ayers, G. R. 047 Aylmer, D. 077 Aymie, M. 088 Aymon, J. 030 Aynie, P. 096 Aynutdinov, V. M. 156 Ayon, J. A. 118 Ayres, D. 021 Ayres, D. S. 161 Ayres, T. R. 453 Ayukov, S. V. 168 Ayupov, F. G. 026 Azar. M. J . 051 Azar, Z. 062 Azbel', I. A. 013 Azbel', I. Ya. 060 Azcarate, I. N. 003 Author Index Babson Azcarate Azcarate, I. N. 053 Azeredo, W. J. 087 Azevedo, C. A. 051 Azevedo, I. S. 160 Azimov, A.

160 Balenko, V. G. 048 Balestra, A. 188 Bali, R . 236 Balian, R. 318 Balick, B. 086 Balikhin, M. A. 012 Balikhin, M. 055 Balins'ka, I. S. 020 Balis-Crema, L. 072 Baliunas, S. 002 Baliunas, S. L. 062 29 30 Author Index Baliunas Baliunas, S. L. 069 Balka, L. 161 Balka, L. J. 127 Balke, A. 020 Balke, A. C. 004 Balke, C. 023 Balklavs, A. 044 Balklavs, A. E. 262 Balkowski, C. 513 Ball, D. W. 152 Baii,J. A. 026 Ball, J. R. 047 Ball, L. 144 Ball, L. T. 060 Ball, R. 314 Ball, R. D. M. 186 Ball, W. 124 Ball, W.

50. 043 54. 029 56. 017 57. 047 Azizov, A. G. 077 Azmi, Z. A. 333 Aznar, J. V. 100 Azouit, M. 022 Azoulay, M. Baade, D. 019 55. 166 57. 131 Baadhio, R. A. 177 Baalke, R. C. 248 Baan, W. A. Azreg-Ainou, M. Azuma, N. Azuma, R. E. 037 Azuma, S. I. 038 Azuma, T. 119 Azzam, A. A. 038 Azzam, W. J. 135 Azzarita, F. 051 Azzopardi, M. 033 54. 239 Baade, D. 258 52. 053 55. 355 . 270 Baart, E. E. 055 50. 035 Babcock, R. W. 237 Babel, J. 021 58. 165 Babeliowsky, T. 228 Babadzanjanz, L. K. 047 Babadzhanov, P.

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