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KG shows a QTc interval of 460 msecs. LVEF 55%. schemia workup is negative. what is the next step in management A. p blocker therapy <. ) s o t d Jl B. Amiodarone C. Procainamide D. Pacemaker E. Quinidine 176. A 42 y/o Asian man has a Sudden cardiac arrest. EKG revealed V-fib and Pt. was efibrlllated successfully. EKG now reveals ST elevation In Rt. precordial leads; V1, V2, ) 3 & is asymptomatic. Family hx of Father dying at age 40. Most likely diagnosis ? ) 177. Best management for above patient?

V nitroprusside� 142. f4- ttL. B f Mise: Porcine valves � No anticoagulation Prosthetic valve� Need a nticoagulation Valvu loplasty � Tricuspid Stenosis, P u lmonary Stenosis, Mitral stenosis, temporary in Aortic Stenosis. ) ) ) ) ) ) TEE (transesophageal ECHO): Lab of choice in • • • Prosthetic valve endocarditis Descending aortic aneurysm Left atrial thrombus, PFO Atrial Fibrillation • At r i a is fibrillating, hence NO 'p' w�ves. • Some impulses from fibrillation are conducted to the ventricles giving • Na rrow QRS except in aberrant condition.

O A. Niacin Statin C. Fibrate D. Ezetimibe E. -B. ) 12. A 57 y/o woman with OM has an Ml, she quits smoking and changes her diet. he Is started on Slmvastatln 20mg/day. he LDL decreases from 180mg/dl to 140mg/dl. The TGAs decrease from 50mg/dl to 250mg/dl in about 3 months. HOL is 48mg/dl. ,. sw-tu.. st" W.. /d/. 4o - p (Z<>Jv. ) • u. � 0 13. A Pt. over the age of 50, serum LDL 130 mg dl, C-reactlve protein more than 2 mg7L. hat has shown to decrease mortality? ) A. Aspirin Y, Statin 14.

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