By Svein Odegaard, Odd Helge Gilja, Hans Gregersen

This booklet is an creation for college students and younger medical professionals at first in their profession in diagnostic ultrasonography. It additionally offers the newest in concepts and methods in gastrointestinal ultrasonography. The reader will locate easy features of ultrasonography in addition to hugely complex technical and learn papers. the 1st type could be effortless to appreciate for many readers. the second one class might require a few practise from the scholar. All complicated papers characterize the frontiers of data.

The first few chapters take care of the elemental ideas of ultrasound and its use in tissue characterization. they're by way of chapters at the use of ultrasound for the characterization of tissue biomechanics and on novel thoughts equivalent to 3D ultrasound and hydrosonography. The medical purposes are defined within the previous couple of chapters of the publication.

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They are belt or magazine fed, and theoretically keep firing for as long as the trigger is depressed or until the ammunition runs out. Shotguns Shotguns, developed for sport or combat, fire a cartridge containing shot (Figure 2-5). Shotguns may be single barrelled or double barrelled. If double barrelled the barrels may be next to each other (side by side) or one on top of the other (under and over). Working mechanisms include semiautomatic and pump action (Figure 2-6). Shotgun calibres are measured by the number of spherical lead balls, of the same diameter as the barrel, that make up a pound of lead.

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