By Jacqueline Jules

A tender baby says the Motzi, a conventional prayer of thank you.

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The original of Hegesippus' work on the growth of the Church is lost, but fragments of it are quoted by Eusebius, another historian of the Church who wrote a little later. , Hegesippus] also describes the beginning of the heresies of his time in the following way: "After James the Just had suffered martyrdom for the same reason as the Lord, Simeon, his cousin, the son of Clopas, was appointed bishop, whom they all proposed because he was another cousin of the Lord. For this cause, they called the Church a virgin; for it had not yet been corrupted by vain messages.

In addition, Epiphanius (ibid. chs. ), Sebueans, Gorothenians, and the Dositheans. Philaster of Brescia (De haer. chs. ), being a little later than Epiphanius, has the following Jewish sects: the Dositheans, Sadducees, Pharisees, Samaritans, Nazoreans, Essenes, various Canaanite groups, and the Herodians. , De praescript. haer. cbs. XLVII-LIII), commonly believed to be a summary of Hippolytus' Syntagma. 84 See below, p. 69. Several of the Gnostic sects apparently preserved baptismal rites going back to a Palestinian baptismus; see K.

The Chronicle Adler omits this report. Abu'l Fat� (p. 80) says that the temple was destroyed by Simon the Maccabee, who, however, is placed in the Persian period. Bowman, Documents, pp. _, the temple on Mt. Gerizim was a consequence of the exclusion of Northerners from the cult in the restored temple in Jerusalem. Since Bethel at this time had lost its importance, the attempt at a religious consolidation in the North would naturally reach back to the ancient religious centre at Shechem. That this would have waited until the latter part of the 4th century is improbable, and even if Josephus' story may contain a grain of truth in that the temple it was not finished before Alexander's time or that the permission to build Shechem in gathered have was given by Greek authorities, Northerners must are long before this time.

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