By Peter Clark

This ebook offers the 1st account of the increase of those such a lot particular, common and robust of social associations in Georgian Britain. With roots within the early glossy period, British golf equipment and societies swept the rustic by means of 1800, after they numbered within the hundreds of thousands, and their impact keeps this present day. taking a look at the advanced mosaic of golf equipment and societies, starting from freemasonry to bird-fancying, the writer considers the explanations for his or her profitable improvement, their export to the USA and the colonies, and their effect on British Society.

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In terms of public space, the main customary venues were the church and churchyard, the market-place and street, whilst ®elds were other common meeting-places. By the sixteenth century a growing amount of sociable activity also occurred in `mixed' space, such as inns and alehouses, the latter usually domestic or private premises, which had rooms set aside for public gatherings. Sociability could embrace the immediate family or the wider household, kinsfolk, friends, neighbours, members of the same trade, people from the same community, and outsidersÐin many permutations.

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