By Marilyn Burns

Textual content, illustrations, and prompt actions supply a common sense method of mathematic basics should you are just a little frightened of numbers.

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Turn over the fourth card, and it should be the 1. Now for 2. Put three cards on the bottom , one at a time, spe1ling "two," then turn over the next ; it should be a 2. Contin ue all the way to the end. 629 o;1IS ·uq 113· Prevent 1nflat Ion . Thl5 IS tre onl~ known collection of mathem3tlcal plnd problems You ma~ have thought there was no mathematics in piz:za. Well, there is. a5, tenYJki pizzas, ,md avocado pizzas, Justto name afew (Sometimes, It's justnotoood to take mathemahcs roo striously) Y'C"" ~"':,:' .

To be able to depend on themselves to do jobs. Using a calculator Isn' t bad: it just shouldn't be the only way kids can do arithmetic. " The first mathematician wouldn't budge in the argument. " The calculator Is a tool. When you do a job, it makes sense to use the best tool there is to do that job. If you have a pencil sharpener, you don't use a knife to sharpen a pencil. If you're in a hurry, you don't walk; you go by car. You don't walk just because it is the way you always got there . just because that was the way people used to travel.

Test that one with the pennies. start even smaller, with a 1; 1 x 1 = 1, so 1 is a square number, even though one pelU1y won't show it. Some numbers are square, and some aren't. If you want to test whether 9 is square, for example, you need to get nine objects. Pennies will work. You can line up nine pennies in rows so that each row has the same number of pennies in it, and together they make a square. ~~~ ~~~ ~®~ The number 8 isn't square. There's no way to push eight pennles into rows that make a square.

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