By Joseph Albahari

It is a concise but thorough connection with C# 3.0 programming as carried out in Microsoft's visible Studio 2008. C# 3.0 in a Nutshell will get correct to the purpose, masking the necessities of language syntax and utilization in addition to the elements of the .NET base category libraries you want to construct operating functions. yet not like past versions, this booklet is now prepared totally round ideas and use instances, supplying larger intensity and readability.
C# 3.0 introduces the main major improvements but to the programming language, and C# 3.0 in a Nutshell delves deep into the topic whereas assuming minimum previous wisdom of C#-making it available to someone with an inexpensive history in programming. as well as the language, the ebook covers the .NET CLR and the center Framework assemblies, besides the unified querying syntax known as Language built-in question (LINQ), which bridges the normal divide among courses and their facts sources.
Free of muddle and lengthy introductions, this booklet presents a map of C# 3.0 wisdom in a succinct and unified style:
- beginning chapters focus merely on C#, beginning with the fundamentals of syntax, varieties and variables, and completing with complex issues corresponding to harmful code and preprocessor directives
- Later chapters conceal the center .NET 3.5 Framework, together with such themes as LINQ, XML, collections, I/O and networking, reminiscence administration, mirrored image, attributes, defense, threading, software domain names and local interoperability
Designed as a instruction manual for day-by-day use, C# 3.0 in a Nutshell is a perfect significant other to any of the great array of books that target an utilized know-how reminiscent of WPF, ASP.NET, or WCF. The parts of the language and .NET Framework that such books disregard, this one covers intimately.

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For example: char newLine = '\n'; char backSlash = '\\'; Table 2-6 lists the escape sequence characters. Table 2-6. Character and string escape sequences CharMeaningValue\'Single quote0x0027\"Double quote0x0022\\Backslash0x005C\0Null0x0000\aAlert0x0007\bBackspace0x0008\fForm feed0x000C\nNew line0x000A\rCarriage return0x000D\tHorizontal tab0x0009\vVertical tab0x000B The \u (or \x) escape sequence lets you specify any Unicode character via its four-digit hexadecimal code. 1. Char conversions An implicit conversion from a char to a numeric type works for the numeric types that can accommodate an unsigned short.

Bounds Checking All array indexing is bounds-checked by the runtime. An IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown if you use an invalid index: 48 49 int[] arr = new int[3]; arr[3] = 1; // IndexOutOfRangeException thrown As with Java, array bounds checking is necessary for type safety and simplifies debugging. Generally, the performance hit from bounds checking is minor, and the JIT (Just-in-Time) compiler can perform optimizations, such as determining in advance whether all indices will be safe before entering a loop, thus avoiding a check on each iteration.

3. Changing the flow of execution with braces An else clause always applies to the immediately preceding if statement in the statement block. WriteLine("does not execute"); With braces, you explicitly state your intention. This can improve the readability of nested if statements—even when not required by the compiler. "); } Here, we've arranged the if and else statements to mimic the "elsif" construct of other languages (and C#'s #elif preprocessor directive). Visual Studio's auto-formatting recognizes this pattern and preserves the indentation.

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