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Designed as a chief connection with be used day-by-day, C# in a Nutshell additionally contains the fundamental heritage details to develop into efficient speedy. now not a "how-to" publication or a rehash of Microsoft's documentation, this booklet is going to the resource of the language and APIs to give the content material in a manner that pro programmers will worth especially different books. C# in a Nutshell is a complete language reference and likewise provides the .NET Framework utilizing C# examples. also, it truly is an in depth and speedy connection with the API, that includes the method namespace. fairly helpful are the various figures and tables that current the most good points of the namespace. each now and again, a booklet turns into the de-facto normal for a know-how, working method, or programming language--which is precisely what C# in a Nutshell goals to do in one straight forward and easy-to-use quantity.

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UInt64 8 bytes no For unsigned integers that are n bits wide, possible values range from 0 to 2. For signed integers that are n bits wide, their possible values range from -2n-1 to 2n-1-1. Integer literals can use either decimal or hexadecimal notation: int x = 5; ulong y = 0x1234AF; // prefix with 0x for hexadecimal When an integral literal is valid for several possible integral types, the default type chosen goes in this order: int, uint, long, and ulong. 1 Integral conversions An implicit conversion between integral types is permitted when the type to convert to contains every possible value of the type to convert from.

Over the years, Windows developers have had to contend with numerous error reporting mechanisms, such as simple failure return codes, Win32 structured exceptions, C++ exceptions, COM error HResults, and OLE automation IErrorInfo objects. This proliferation of approaches breeds complexity and makes it difficult for designers to create standardized error-handling strategies. NET languages including C#. The C# language design also includes numerous other features that promote robustness, such as language-level support for independently versioning base classes (without changing derived class semantics or mandating recompilation of derived classes), detection of attempts to use uninitialized variables, array bounds checking, and support for checked arithmetic.

1 Value Types Value types are the easiest types to understand. They directly contain data, such as the int type (holds an integer), or the bool type (holds a true or false value). A value type's key characteristic is when you assign one value to another, you make a copy of that value. 2 Reference Types Reference types are a little more complex. A reference type really defines two separate entities: an object, and a reference to that object. WriteLine (y); // prints "hello there" } } This is because the StringBuilder type is a reference type, while the int type is a value type.

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