Welcome to our June email update.

Summer is always a busy time at the Center, and this year is no different. With a heavy schedule of facelifts, liposuction, tummy tucks and breast augmentation, there is not much time left to write the newsline, so this issue may be a bit on the short side.


As many of you may already know, we lost a member of our staff recently. Nina Reeves, our long time OR nurse moved to New Hampshire when her husband took a job there. While we hated losing her, she is happy in her new role as full-time Mom. Nina just had a new baby boy so she is certainly keeping busy. She reports that they survived the New Hampshire winter and the kids certainly enjoyed the snow.

Fortunately, Kim McDaniel, who has filled in as part-time OR nurse was available to take over the position. Kim is well experienced and already known to many of our patients and this has made for a very smooth transition. Kim has a strong background in emergency care nursing and her skills and knowledge have always been appreciated by the rest of the staff as well as our patients. Kim also has two very special extra skills. First of all, she is probably among the very best at starting IVs on difficult patients with small veins and secondly, seems to have an amazing acuity at helping patients decide on breast implant size! We are delighted to have Kim with us on a full time basis.

Another new addition to our staff is Delma Reyna. In addition to taking over environmental responsibility at the Center, Delma has proven to be a tremendous help to Rudy in the operating room where she is assisting not only in cleaning and re-sterilizing instruments and supplies, but also in assisting with patient care. Delma’s cheery disposition has quickly made her popular with staff and patients alike.


Amelia and her parents.

Finally, a word about Amelia, our “resident Doberman.” So many of you have asked about her that I wanted to update you on her progress. For those of you who don’t know Amelia, she is a 10 year old Doberman who spends her days at the Center. She is a familiar greeter and well-known by all of our patients. A couple of months ago, she had what appeared to be a stroke and for a short time, was near death. She has steadily improved over the past months to the point where we are again taking a mile long walk each morning and evening. Always rather spoiled, she is now totally so to the point where her meals are specially prepared. She’s worth it, though, as many of you will readily attest. I do appreciate the concern that so many of you have shown about her condition.


Of interest to Texas residents, Governor Perry has revived the possibility of a special tax on cosmetic surgery. The Texas Medical Association commented that “there are many unanswered questions. For instance, who is going to determine who pays the new tax? The line between “cosmetic” and “reconstructive” surgery is not always clear, and that would leave it up to state tax auditors to determine medical necessity. Far too many of us have already seen what happens when we leave those clinical decisions up to HMOs.” We have already commented on the unfairness of taxing one small entity of medicine implying that it is less important than other aspects. Of more practical interest is the fact that one state – New Jersey already tried to raise revenue by taxing cosmetic surgery and found the the cost of collecting the tax was so high that the yield was minimal.

We urge you to contact the Governor and your representatives in the Texas House and Senate and voice your opposition to the proposal.

That’s it for this month. As always, we appreciate your interest and welcome your suggestions.


Howard A. Tobin, M.D., F. A. C. S.

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