Rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nose surgery, remains a very popular option at our Center.  Many of our patients still labor under the impression that this is an operation that involves a difficult and painful recovery.  Fortunately, that is usually not the case.  Improvement and refinements in technique have made the operation safer, more reliable and  easier to recover.

Let’s look at some of the changes.

Non Fracture Rhinoplasty – In years past, most rhinoplasties involved cutting or breaking the nasal bones to reshape the nose.  Today, this is rarely necessary.  By using files and rasps, we can do the necessary reshaping without the use of saws and chisels.  This makes for more precise changes with a much more stable result.  Also, with this procedure, there is much less swelling and bruising.

Open Rhinoplasty – This refers to a technique where a tiny incision is made across the base of the nose that allows us to completely lift the skin off of the nasal framework. Why is that important?  In the past, the operation was largely done through tiny incisions in the nose.  Exposure was severely limited, and much was done by feel.  With the open approach, we can see everything directly.  Surgery is more precise and we can make those subtle changes that were difficult or impossible with the older technique.

Laser Surgery – The use of  the surgical laser has added a new dimension of precision to the soft tissue portion of the operation.  Working under magnification the laser permits very accurate sculpting of the nasal cartilage.

No Packing! – What was the worst aspect of the old style rhinoplasty?  The gauze packing that surgeons left in the nose (and many still do)  was probably the most annoying aspect of the operation.  Not only was it uncomfortable, but in rare cases, could lead to a serious infection called toxic shock that could be fatal.  Without the need for packing patients usually breathe comfortably right after the surgery.

May Help Breathing – There are many causes of difficulty breathing through the nose.  In some cases it may just be obstruction due to bends and twists in the nasal septum – the partition that divides the nasal airway in two.  In many of these cases, the obstruction can be relieved as part of a rhinoplasty leading to a marked improvement in breathing.

All in all, these improvements make rhinoplasty a very popular option.  With many years of experience, our results can lead to a major improvement in our patients’ self image.  If you think this might be an option for you or one of your loved ones, we would be delighted to discuss it with you.