Collagenisis Corporation has released a new form of injectable collagen that is prepared from the patients own tissue. According to the company, the material, which is used like the previous form of injectable collagen, is longer lasting and avoids the risk of allergic reactions which were not uncommon when using Zyderm(R) – the traditional form of collagen injections.

Zyderm(R) is prepared from cowhide in a manner that removes nearly all of the reactivity. Still allergic reactions were common enough that we carried out two successive skin tests separated by a month before beginning treatment. About 5% of patients so tested had reactions and could not be treated.

CollagenWith Autologen(R) reactions of this type should not occur, since the collagen is processed from the patients own tissue. Patients who choose to have treatment with Autologen(R) will have small pieces of skin harvested and sent to the company for processing. Normally this would occur when skin is removed as part of another cosmetic procedure, such as a face lift or tummy tuck. The collagen is then prepared and can either be sent to the doctor’s office for injection, or it can be stored indefinitely be deep freezing for later use.

According to the company, an initial series of two to three treatments are recommended over a six to eight week period, with subsequent treatment repeated as required. While the correction is not permanent, the company claims that results are much longer lasting than previous forms of collagen injection.

The Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgical Center has been selected as one of a limited number of Centers in the U.S. where patients will have the option of storing tissue for six months at no charge. Following that period of time, the patient will have the option of paying to have the tissue converted to collagen or paying to continue storing the tissue. The initial storage fee will be waived. This represents a saving of three hundred dollars. Patients are under no obligation when they choose to have their tissue stored for this introductory 6 month period. This offer is valid through the remainder of 1997.

If you wish additional information about Collagenesis, a brochure is available from the company. Contact Collagenesis, Inc.; 500 Cummings Center .464C; Beverly, MA 01915.

We will also be happy to discuss this with you during your regular consultation.