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    Severe dryness of the eyes
    Glaucoma or blurry vision
    Recurrent severe dizziness
    Severe headaches
    Chronic sinus problems or nasal blockage
    Recurrent fever blisters
    Paralysis of the face
    Asthma or emphysema
    Chronic hoarseness
    Shortness of breath
    Chest pain
    Heart disease or high blood pressure
    Chronic abdominal problems
    Kidney or bladder problems
    Blood in bowel movements
    Blood in urine or trouble urinating
    Easy bruising
    Abnormal lump or node
    Menstrual disorder
    Unexplained weight loss
    Problems with bones or joints
    Chronic skin condition
    Emotional problems
    Complications after surgery
    Bad surgical result or unsatisfactory medical care

    Notice Concerning Complaints Complaints about physicians, as well as other licensees and registrants of the Texas Sate Board of Medical Examiners, including physician assistants and acupuncturist, may be reported for investigation at the following address: Texas Board of Medical Examiners; Attention: Investigations; 1812 Centre Creek Drive, Ste 300; P. O. Box 149134; Austin, Texas 78714-9134 Assistance in filing a complaint is available by calling the following telephone number: 1 888 973 0022.

    Aviso Sobre Quejas Se pueden presentar quejas acerca de medicos, asi tambien como de ostras personas autorizadas y registradas pro la Junta de Examinadores Medicos del Estado de Texas (Texas State Board of Medical Examiners), incluyendo a ayudantes medicos y acupunturistas, para su investigation, en la siguiente direccion: Texas Board of Medical Examiners; Attention: Investigations; 1812 Centre Creek Drive, Ste 300; P. O. Box 149134; Austin, Texas 78714-9134 Se puede obtener ayudra para presentar una queja llamando al siguiente numero telefonico: 1 888 973 0022.

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