The usual consultation fee at the Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgical Center ranges from $75 to $100. There may also be additional fees when medical reports are required other than normal reports sent to referring doctors.

Routine follow up visits for two years are included with the surgical fee, after which normal charges for office visits will apply. Charges may be made for unusual problems or for matters not related to the original surgery. Inquire if you have any questions.

Patients having surgery at the Center will be provided with a fee quote prior to surgery. The quote will cover the total cost of surgery.

There are three elements to the surgery fee:

  1. The surgeon’s fee;
  2. The surgical center charges; and
  3. The anesthetist’s fee.

The anesthetist’s fee is paid (cash or check only) directly to the anesthesia provider who serves as an independent contractor. Please understand that fee quotes do not include any pre or post operative laboratory or consultation fees that may be required as part of your evaluation for surgery or related to problems that may develop after surgery.

If complications arise requiring additional surgery, our general policy is to waive the surgeon’s fee but we do reserve the right to charge operating and anesthesia fees. Fortunately this does not occur often and if there are additional fees, it will be discussed with you.

Credit CardsSince cosmetic surgery is elective, it is important for patients to be able to make financial arrangements prior to scheduling surgery. Our normal policy is to require a $200 deposit when surgery is scheduled. This payment is non-refundable and covers the administrative cost of scheduling. It is, however, applied to the overall fee. The remaining balance is due 10 days prior to the date of surgery, and is also non refundable except in case of documented emergency or medical disability.

We accept all major charge cards, and also can assist you in finding a financing program available for our patients. Please ask the staff if you would like to have more information about financing.

If requests are made for medical reports, a charge will be made.

care credit cardWhile cosmetic surgery is generally considered elective, and is not covered by most third party payers, there are unusual occasions where coverage may be applicable. If you are considering surgery at the Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgical Center for conditions which you feel should be covered by medical insurance, we are happy to help you process your claim, but we do not directly deal with the insurance company and do not participate in the Medicare program.