In spite of the fact that newer advances have made facelift surgery less traumatic and debilitating, many prospective patients are either unwilling or unable to undergo a surgical procedure that must be considered major. For those who were concerned about sagging in the neck or the development of a “turkey gobbler” there was little choice in the past.

Dr. Howard Tobin performs necklift surgery on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. The procedure involves incisions behind the ear and under the chin. Liposuction is often combined to enhance the outcome. Frequently, patients will also elect to have chin augmentation to improve their facial profile.

As with any surgical procedure, bleeding or infection are possible risks. Patients must understand that only the neck is treated. A facelift is still required if skin laxity above the jaw line is to be corrected.

Traditional necklift surgery is essentially the lower half of a traditional facelift. In this case, surgical dissection allows a tightening and repositioning of the neck muscles. The incision extends up behind the ear and into the scalp. In addition to muscle tightening, excess skin can also be removed.

Necklift is an alternative to a standard facelift when only neck rejuvenation is desired. However, in most cases, we recommend a traditional facelift for a more balanced result.