One of the most important issues in breast augmentation surgery is size. Very often, patients who are having breast augmentation surgery feel that there is an ideal breast size that can be determined by the surgeon. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The choice of breast size is a very individual decision that can only be made by the patient. While it is true that in some situations, the nature of the patient’s anatomy will dictate that the surgeon selects the size or shape of an implant, for most patients this is a decision that is more properly made by the patient herself.

It is also important to remember that breast implants enlarge the breasts but do not significantly alter the basic shape of the breast. Therefore, the decision is mainly a choice as to how large you want your breasts to be.


Over the years, we have developed a technique at our Center that has proven very successful. By following these guidelines, you can be assured that you are likely to achieve the size that you are seeking from your operation.

Breast Size


  • The first step is to go out and buy a very soft, non-padded bra in the basic size that you think you would like to be. We are only talking about cup size since the measurement around your chest will not be altered by the operation. For example, if you are now a 32B and you think you would like to go up to a C cup, then you would buy a 32C bra. Be sure it is a soft non padded bra with no underwire.
  • The next step is to begin padding the bra, using either cotton or soft polyester or foam in an attempt to duplicate the size that you think you would like to achieve. You should try this with varying types of clothing, both tight and loose, until you reach the fullness that you would like to achieve from the operation.
  • Once you have achieved the size with your padded bra, the next step is to remove the padding from one cup and duplicate the volume fill by taking a baggie and filling it with birdseed or rice. The amount required will usually be somewhere in the range of 8 to 14 volume ounces. Remember, it is volume that you are interested in, not weight. Once you have duplicated the volume required to give you the fullness that you are seeking, you should write down the amount in ounces.

When you come in for your surgery or for a final consultation before surgery, bring your bra and the measurement that you have determined. Before going into surgery, sizers can be used to try to duplicate the fill that you have selected. The size implant that is used in surgery will be exactly, or at least very close, to the size that you select preoperatively. On occasion, this will vary slightly but should be close to what you choose. During the operation, surgical sizers are used to make sure that there is a proper fit. Sometimes, it will be best to vary a little from your choice because different size implants also have a difference in diameter, but the final size selected should not stray very far from what you have chosen.

By following a technique such as the one described above, you can be sure that you will be achieving a result that matches your goals rather than those of someone else.