How to choose your cosmetic surgeon


The OUTPATIENT SURGICAL CENTER is built to exceed state and federal standards. It is Medicare certified, licensed by the State of Texas, and accredited by the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care. Our staff undergoes continuous training to assure that we are up-to–date in routine and emergency procedures. The CENTER includes a preoperative area, major operating room, recovery room, central supply area and minor treatment room.

The operating suite contains modern equipment for surgery and general anesthesia. including automatic heart, circulation and blood pressure monitors as will as central suction and oxygen. Equipment is regularly updated and tested., A back-up generator assures uninterrupted electrical power and ventilation in case of a power outage. The three-bed recovery area is designed and equipped to ensure the safest environment for the immediate postoperative period, after which the patient is quickly reunited with a family member or friend.

If hospitalization is required, patients will find the care provided by the Abilene Regional Medical Center to be second to none. The hospital is located immediately adjacent to the Center, and provides an added sense of security for any possible emergency that might arise.


Cosmetic procedure for face, nose, eyes, ears and neck; breast augmentation, elevation and reduction; facial augmentation including cheekbones and chin,; body contouring, tummy tuck and liposuction surgery; treatment of wrinkle; scars, and hair transplantation are procedures that can readily be performed in our SURGICAL CENTER. We can help you with all the arrangements and will assist you with transportation. Financing is available for patients desiring assistance.