One of the most satisfying procedures

While rhinoplasty is generally one of the most satisfying cosmetic procedures both for the patient and the surgeon, there are pitfalls to be avoided.  While a good first step is to select a board certified Cosmetic Surgeon, it is important to realize that not all Cosmetic Surgeons have expertise in rhinoplasty. Just as surgeons must carefully select their patients, patients should also carefully evaluate their potential surgeon.



The consultation should never be rushed. There should be plenty of time to discuss the goals of surgery as well as what the surgeon feels can be accomplished.  Some surgeons will use computer imaging but it is important for the patient to understand that this is no guarantee of result but simply a picture of what the surgeon would like to accomplish.  Many experienced rhinoplasty surgeons avoid imaging because they feel that it will lead to unrealistic expectations.

If you don’t feel a sense of confidence after talking to a surgeon, it is probably a good indication that a second opinion is warranted.


Newer techniques of rhinoplasty including non-fracture rhinoplasty, laser assisted rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty have all made the operation more predictable and reduce risks.  Nevertheless we still see cases where inexperienced surgeons have produced results that are unsatisfactory.  In some cases this might be the result of an unavoidable complication, but far more often it is the result of a lack of expertise on the part of the surgeon.


On the other hand, it’s important for the patient to have realistic expectations. No matter how skilled the surgeon, he cannot assure you exactly the way you will look following the operation. Furthermore, many patients have an idea in their mind of what the perfect nose would be and it may be far from the nose that can be produced surgically.

If you are planning a rhinoplasty,  do your homework and in all likelihood you will be thrilled with the results.