Surgery Safety Matters

There is a common saying in real estate that the 3 most important considerations are Location, Location, and Location.  True in real estate, and true as well, to some degree at least, where cosmetic surgery safety practices are concerned.

Years ago when we planned our facility we considered several locations. But we ultimately decided to build it on the hospital campus of what is now known as Abilene Regional Medical Center. Dr. Tobin rarely does surgery at the hospital. But he has maintained a close relationship and remains an active staff member. Our facility, which is an independently licensed ambulatory surgical facility, maintains a transfer agreement with the hospital. Dr. Tobin strives to maintain acquaintanceship with the doctors at the hospital, particularly in the emergency department.


Dr. Tobin's Surgical Center is on the campus of Abilene Regional Medical Center.
Dr. Tobin's Surgical Center is on the campus of Abilene Regional Medical Center.

This paid off when recently a patient developed difficulty in maintaining adequate oxygen saturation after surgery. The operation and anesthesia were uneventful. But when the patient was awakening she showed signs of severe limitation in the oxygen saturation of her blood. As a safety precaution, the breathing tube was reintroduced and plans were made to transfer her to the hospital.

The transfer went smoothly. The paramedics moved the patient from our operating room to the emergency department within a matter of minutes.  
An initial evaluation indicated congestion in the lung and we consulted a pulmonologist. Fortunately, the patient’s recovery was rapid.
While incidents like this are very rare, it was very comforting to be adjacent to the hospital and in a position where we could be sure that our patient received the care necessary to properly diagnose and treat her problem. 
The entire staff as well as the paramedics responded to the emergency in a safe, calm, and efficient manner. We found that very satisfying. It shows that all our experience and training paid off. We avoided what could’ve been a much more serious issue.