Excerpts Taken From Patient Comment Books


“I can’t find the words to express adequately my deep appreciation for all of your care & kindness.  For many, many years I have wanted to have this done but wasn’t sure who/when/where…  All of those concerns disappeared after my consultation visit –  thank you!  You have an amazing staff and my husband & I appreciate their kindness as well.  Godspeed & thanks again.”  DM

“Dr. Tobin, you have made me into one happy woman.  You have always outdone yourself.  I am very pleased with all you’ve done.  As for the staff:   You are the most amazing staff!!  Thank you for all your help and loving care.  I’ll be back.” DH

“Thank y’all so very much for all the care and kindness you provide.  You guys are the very best!  We’ve shared a few laughs too that I’ll never forget :)!” MT

“I would like to thank Dr. Tobin and his wonderful staff for making me feel very comfortable and taking good care of me.  This experience has been wonderful and my results so far are excellent!  I will definitely recommend Dr. Tobin to anyone who is interested in plastic surgery.  The staff was very sweet and kept me laughing! I will miss everyone!  Thank you all!” AM

“You have gone beyond what I ever dreamed was expected from doctors in the way of friendliness and personal care.  I’ve fallen in love with each of you.”  J.

“Thank you for your excellent care and attention.  My stay here has far exceeded my expectations.  A very special thank you to your staff for being with me throughout the day & answering all of my questions.” W.D.

“Thank you for all the care and attention you gave me.  You eased all my doubts and made me ready for this!  Never have I been in a hospital after surgery and received this much concern and attention.  God bless you all for all the good that you do.” L

“As a native of Abilene, I’m proud to say I have found a reason to come back.  You all must love what you do and it shows.  Making one feel better about his or her appearance & giving us new self esteem & worth must be a blessing to you.  Thank you each and God Bless!” JL

“Thank you for all you have done for me.  You are a wonderful & caring bunch of people.  This has really meant a lot to me & am glad it was your group that I had to depend on and trust – I don’t believe I could have picked any better.”  AD

“You are all my “heroes”.  All my adult life I have wanted a smaller waist & stomach and have never been able to achieve it with diet & exercise.  I am anxious to go shopping now and buy cute clothiers that fit properly where, before, shopping was a depressing & frustrating experience.  The stay overnight has been very pleasant.  You’re a great group, doing a wonderful service.  Keep up the good work! God Bless You All.” M

“I told you I would be back!  This is better than a vacation!  You are all wonderful and again – How can I say thank you for my new self image & confidence.  The care at this facility is, without a doubt, the best.  I appreciate the privacy & intimacy but most of all, the personal care.  I love you guys!” JL

“First, you made a dream come true, second, you made it an unbelievable experience.  It truly felt like we were with friends over the last 2 days.  You facility and suites are lovely and being able to stay gave me such confidence.  Thank you for the many kindnesses including the beautiful rose and for your generosity.” L

“We will never forget your overwhelming kindness, courtesy and professionalism.  Because of this and the sheer confidence that you inspire, this experience was relaxing rather than frightening.  this was our second experience with cosmetic surgery…  I only wish that we had discovered you for our first time as well!  You have an outstanding clinic!!!  Thank you.” CH

“Thanks so very much for the kindness & caring y’all have given me.  I’ve never met such good people in the medical business.  Y’all take the time to listen and answer any questions and do a very good job.  I am glad I was referred to you.  Thanks a million.” R

“Many thanks to you, Dr. Tobin and staff.  You have all been great to my husband and myself.   Thanks for all the special, out of the way, kindness y’all showed us; and for taking away our fears about the condition of my breast.  We feel we not only gained great, professional care but also some new, special friends.  Thanks again, another ultimately satisfied patient.” YL

“Dr. Tobin – I can’t believe how easy and painless this was!  I really feel good.  I’m so glad that I chose you.  You were certainly worth the wait.” BF

“Dr. Tobin & Staff,  I felt certain I knew exactly what to expect and everything was on target however, we were both overwhelmed by the accommodations and care extended to us by all of you.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to find a doctor and staff that truly provides customer service.  Thanks so much for the rose and everything else that was provided for us in our room – you all thought of Everything!” CE & DE


“Thank you for doing what you do – each day you are making a difference in peoples’ lives.  I’m impressed with your care and attention to detail while being so personable.” TO