Breast lifting with augmentation is a common procedure performed at the Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgical Center. The technique of breast lifting most commonly used is called the “B mastopexy.” One of our former Clinical Fellows, Dr. Steven Peterson, has written in an article on the subject which has been accepted for publication by the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. The article describes our experience with the operation.

mastopexyDr Peterson reviewed the cases of 40 patients who underwent mastopexy at the Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgical Center. All patients were operated on by Dr. Tobin. In 27 of the 40 patients, mastopexy was combined with breast augmentation Typically, when the two procedures are combined, the implants are inserted endoscopically through an axillary incision. Of the 40 patients who underwent surgery, none experienced significant complications and only one patient required scar revision All patients were found to be satisfied with the surgical results.

Breast lifting can be a challenging procedure Many surgeons feel that when combining mastopexy with augmentation, the procedures should be staged Our experience confirms our belief that the two Procedures can be safely combined with satisfactory results.

In many cases, patients come our Center thinking that their problem can be resolved with breast augmentation when, in fact, they also require breast lifting. Patients must understand that while implants can fill the breast to produce larger size, rarely does augmentation alone provide a satisfactory solution for sagging breasts or breasts that has lost much of their volume through age, pregnancy or weight loss. In these cases, mastopexy either alone or in combination with augmentation is the best solution.

This article can be viewed in its entirety Mastopexy_Article. (PDF Format)