Welcome to our August Newsletter.

Things have been quite busy this year at our Center. While 2010 was a rather slow year due to the economy, this year has seen our practice back to normal. Perhaps this is an indication that our Texas economy is much stronger that the Nation in general. Regardless of the reason, we are appreciative of our good fortune, and certainly appreciative of the confidence in our services as indicated by the large percentage of our patients who either are return patients or direct referrals of previous patients.

Managing Saggy Breasts – A difficult problem with a better solution

Treating patients with ptotic (saggy) breasts is, and has always been, one of the biggest challenges in cosmetic surgery. Droopy breasts can be the result of major weight loss, pregnancy or hormonal change, but basically, the cause of breast droop is simply related to an individual’s lack of skin elasticity.

Traditionally, the most common procedure recommended for this condition is called mastopexy (breast-lift). The operation consists of removing only a thin layer of skin around the areola and underneath the breast to “tighten” the breast. Those who desire increased volume often also have an implant inserted during surgery. Combining these two procedures can be tricky, and many surgeons recommend staging the two components, doing the lift or implant first and later doing the second stage. Our experience convinces us that the two can be safely combined in one operation.

While these procedures work out well initially, some women will notice a recurrent droop following surgery. This can occur because there is little or no skin elasticity and the weight of the lower breast tissue causes the skin to stretch out again. To counter this, the skin is usually “over tightened” which results in an initial distortion of the breast that can take months to resolve. We have long felt that there had to be a better way.

Our current recommendation for most patients is to combine a breast reduction with augmentation. During this procedure, not only is skin removed but also a portion of the lower more dependent tissue is taken as well. In most cases, we remove a relatively small amount of breast tissue and replace the volume lost with an implant. This results in decreased weight on the lower aspect of the breast resulting in a more uplifted breast.


As we have gained more experience with this operation, we have seen a marked increase in patient satisfaction. Not only are the long term results better, but patients seem to achieve normal shape faster with reduction combined with augmentation compared to the older technique of mastopexy with augmentation.

Certainly, one operation doesn’t fit all patients and there is still a place for mastopexy. This decision can only be made after a patient has a consultation and examination. It is important that the pat ient communicates their concerns and the outcome that they desire. With that knowledge, the surgeon will be able to recommend the procedure that they think will best meet their expectations.

One patient’s story – The Power of Cosmetic Surgery

As always, patient privacy is held in the highest regard and kept confidential. So
many times I have been so overwhelmed or inspired by someone’s story it seemed a shame that I could not share it with others. This time, I asked permission and, as you will read, Trish not only said yes but was thrilled tell her story. As I began to write, I realized that nothing got the point across and kept it real like using the exact words she did.

Hope you enjoy!

Dena Purvis, Patient Coordinator

6/17/11 email from Trish to Dena

TrishHey Dena,
I am a patient of Dr. Tobin’s and have been for many years. Last August (2010)
was my most recent surgery. Right before I went into surgery, I asked Dr. Tobin if he could make me 48 years old again…and he said he would. I had a reason for asking that question.

Seventeen years ago, I was engaged to marry a 28 year old man and I was 45 at the time. Because his family and peers disapproved of the age difference, he left. I never recovered, never dated again. This year he found me again on Facebook. He flew to Dallas from California to take me out. We were married last April, 2011. We are now happily married…he is 48 and I am 64, but thanks to Dr. Tobin I am 48 too. I have attached our wedding picture to show the miracles that Dr. Tobin works! Thank you Dr. Tobin for fulfilling your promise to make me 48 again. I’m the happiest girl in the world!


6/20/11 email response from Dena to Trish


I would love to feature your story in one of our online newsletters. It was so
touching and sincere. Of course, I wouldn’t use your name or photo if you didn’t want me to. What do you think? There has to be other women (and men) that could relate to your situation and might see that happiness can possibly be right around the corner. I don’t mean they have to have surgery (haha) you were already beautiful! I just think the story is beautiful as well as inspirational.


7/18/11 email from Trish to Dena


I would be so proud if you wanted to use our story! I am one of those women
that thought it just wasn’t possible for me to find happiness like this ever again. I would WANT you to use my name and our picture! I have always been a champion of the wonders of finding Dr. Tobin above all other plastic surgeons! I have been trying to keep things fresh as I go, which is Dr. Tobin’s theory, I believe. He is just a “one in a trillion”, and I owe so much of my happiness to him. I have never ever wanted to share photos of myself EVER in my life before! I even think he has affected my mental health as well!!! Thank you for considering to use just a regular person, such as myself, to use as an example to give others the spark they may need that could make such a
difference in their lives.


Our thanks go to Trish for allowing us to share her story. It’s examples like that that make us feel so good about what we do. Cosmetic Surgery truly can change ones’ life and it just thrills us to get this kind of feedback.

Welcome Dr Sohn – Our 2011 Cosmetic Surgical Fellow

Dr_SohnAndrew Sohn, M.D., D.D.S. was raised in Philadelphia. He attended Bucknell
University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biology. After college, he moved to Pittsburgh where he received his dental degree from University of Pittsburgh School of Dental medicine. From there, Dr. Sohn moved to Dallas, TX where he practiced dentistry for 6 years.

Dr. Sohn went on to attain further surgical training in Maxillofacial Surgery. After obtaining his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, he completed his general surgery internship from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and maxillofacial surgery residency from St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital System in Manhattan. He returned to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for a one-year clinical fellowship in maxillofacial surgery.

Upon completion of his maxillofacial surgery training, Dr. Sohn is continuing his training in the field of cosmetic surgery with a one-year fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery at the Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center in Abilene, TX with Dr. Tobin.

At the completion of his fellowship, Dr. Sohn plans to practice in the DFW area. In his free time, Dr Sohn enjoys working out and outdoor activities including hunting, shooting, and photography.

That’s all for this edition. As always we appreciate your comments and suggestions.


Howard A. Tobin, M.D., F. A. C. S.

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