How often have we said  “Who has time for that?”.

Considering the recent changes to our daily routines due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions the answer is “WE DO!”.

Here are a few things that might keep me from getting cabin fever while obeying the “Limited Shelter In Place” orders on our city.


My spare bedroom closets are crammed full of “treasures” that I haven’t seen in 10+ years.  I can probably let go of 50% of the contents without needing to talk to a therapist.  I might even be a able to guilt myself into donating another 25% knowing that someone else will surely see the value of each “priceless” item.   What a difference that would make.  Marie Kondo would be so pleased.

Plant a garden

Do you prefer tomatoes & cucumbers or shasta daisies & morning glories? Last weekend, my  grandsons & I planted corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and okra.  We also removed all of the succulents from my greenhouse and gave them a good spring pruning.

Spruce up the yard

I helped my husband rake and gather the fallen leaves and acorns in the front yard.  Not sure if we actually made a difference but, we finally gave up after filling 6 XXL lawn bags.  Why doesn’t he help me fold the laundry?

Spring clean

I like to think my house is clean and, at a glance, you would probably think it is too.  Truth be told, I need to clean my baseboards and wipe down the shelves in the pantry.  I recently pulled the appliances away from the wall to clean beneath them and realized I really should do that more often, YUCK!

Socially connect

I can practice responsible physical distancing while still keeping in touch.  This is a good time to catch up with people. Pick up the phone and make that call, what are we waiting for?


We may not be able to personally get together with friends and family but we can still see them and feel connected with FaceTime or whatever app you prefer.  Make it a point to set up chats in the morning, it will force you to get out of the bed, comb your hair, and get dressed for the day!


Binge-watch TV

One of my guilty pleasures is to binge-watch a great series on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  Some of my favorites are:  Bloodline, Cheers, The Crown, Goliath, Jack Ryan, Longmire, The Office,  The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt & The Walking Dead.  Obviously, I like almost any genre.

If you have a favorite or a suggestion, I would love to hear from you.

Train my dog

Unfortunately, I cannot show my 1 yr old standard poodle, Max, in Abilene Kennel Club’s Obedience Trials in May due to COVID -19 pandemic cancellations.   On the bright side, it looks like we’ll have more time to practice.

Sometimes I wonder which one if us needs the most work…

Listen to a Podcast

I like True Crime Garage  which focuses on reviewing the facts surrounding unsolved cases but you can find podcasts on just about any subject you might be interested in. Some of the hosts are quite entertaining.  Give one a try.


Who am I kidding?  That’s is why it is so low on my list.

I hope everyone reading this is safe, healthy and finding new ways to fill your days.  Remember to be responsible.

#physical distancing and social togetherness